Cash Box

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  • Documenting and saving all of your payroll results
  • Compatible with numerous ratiotec counting devices in the Cash Box version

With the help of the ratiotec Cash Box you can automatically document and save each of your cash settlements with a consecutive billing number and a tamper-resistant date/ time stamp – by the mere push of a button. Transfer your cash settlements from your ratiotec device safely and directly to the Cash Box and retrieve all the data conveniently from your PC.

  • Continuous assignment of billing numbers for a clear archiving
  • A tamper-resistant date and time stamp
  • High security standard (Diffie-Hellmann encryption); encryption of the data transport via 256-Bit AES coding
  • USB connection for a fast transfer of the counting results onto a USB stick
  • Optional connection of the Box with a network or with a PC
  • Retrieval of the receipts from the dash board of the management website as well as saving the receipts on the PC
  • Direct transfer of the payroll results into your POS-system
  • Optional printing of receipts via (Bluetooth) receipt printer (e.g. RTP 700) or any other kind of printer
  • Storage volume of at least 100.000 counting results
  • Backup SD if the device fails

Connection via Bluetooth possible with the following ratiotec devices in the Cash Box version:

  • Money Scale RS 2000 Cash Box
  • Coinsorter and counter CS 250Cash Box
  • rapidcount S 225Cash Box
  • rapidcount S 275Cash Box
  • rapidcount T 225Cash Box
  • rapidcount T 275Cash Box
  • rapidcount X 400Cash Box
  • rapidcount X 500Cash Box