RS 2000 Money Scale (Cash Box)

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  • Counts banknotes, banknote batches, coins and coin rolls
  • Dynamic weighing function (for large batches of banknotes
  • Reference weighing function | float function
  • Operation via mains cable and rechargeable battery
  • Simple and intuitive operation


Your cash accounting in less than 2 minutes. The RS 2000 is the ideal solution for your complete cash management. Using the principle of "dy-namically learning" new weights, it can easily count mixed old and new Euro banknotes of one denomination.

Our Cash Box version:

With our Cash Box version you can safely and directly transmit your payroll results via Bluetooth to the ratiotec Cash Box with the push of a button and retrieve the payroll results on your PC. With the ratiotec Cash Box you automatically document and save each of your cash settlements with consecutive billing number and tamper-resistant date and time stamp.

The ideal solution if you:

  • have sorted banknotes and sorted coins
  • want to save time and space
  • only want to use one device for the complete cash accounting
  • count mixed old and new notes and do not want to make any additional updates


  • Counts banknotes, banknote bundles, coins and coin rolls
  • Currency: EUR | GBP | CHF | 
  • Other optional Desired currency combinations can simply be put together via Update Manager by means of "Drag & Drop" 
  • Dynamic weighing function (counting mixed EUR1 and EUR2)
  • No update required
  • XL weighing hod allows intermittent feeding and counting of up to 400 banknotes
  • Reference weighing function (for prescriptions, vouchers and various sales slips)
  • Operation via battery or mains cable

NEW: Optimised change function

To simplify your cash management further, we have optimised our change function. In the future, at the end of the counting process, you can use our "Info button" to view both the total of your count as well as the amount of money that can be withdrawn from your cash account in coins or notes to maintain your desired (individually adjustable) change reserve.