RS 1200 Money Scale

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  • Counts banknotes, coins and coin rolls
  • Static weighing function (EUR1 and EUR2 separate count)
  • Reference weighing function | float function
  • Operation via mains cable and rechargeable battery
  • Simple and intuitive operation


Counting money can be this easy! With our af-fordable entry level models RS 1000 and 1200, you can easily count coins and banknotes. The self-explanatory menu guidance accompanies you automatically through the complete cash accounting.

The ideal solution if you:

  • have sorted banknotes and sorted coins
  • only want to use one device for the complete cash accounting
  • want to save time and space


  • RS 1200: counts banknotes, coins and coin rolls
  • Currency: EUR | GBP | CHF | Other optional 
  • Desired currency combinations can simply be put together via Update Manager by means of "Drag & Drop" 
  • Static weighing function (count EUR1 and EUR2 separately, meaning that banknotes must be sorted according to old and new EUR series)
  • Reference weighing function (for prescriptions, vouchers and various sales slips)
  • Available optionally: XL weighing hod (allows intermittent feeding and counting of up to 400 banknotes)
  • Operation via battery or mains cable

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