rapidcount X 400 (Cash Box)

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  • Value counter and detector
  • Ideal for high counting volume
  • Counterfeit detection*: UV | IR | MG | MT | SD | CIS
  • Simultaneous counting of different currencies possible


In addition to its elegant design and the high quality TFT colour display with touchscreen, the X 400 convinces with numerous functions and its 100% reliable counterfeit detection thanks to CIS full screen recognition.

Our Cash Box version:

With our Cash Box version you can safely and directly transmit your payroll results via Bluetooth to the ratiotec Cash Box with the push of a button and retrieve the payroll results on your PC. With the ratiotec Cash Box you automatically document and save each of your cash settlements with consecutive billing number and tamper-resistant date and time stamp.

The ideal solution if you:

  • in addition to the number of pieces also want to determine the value of the notes counted
  • have a high counting volume (about 1 million banknotes/year)
  • want very reliable, extensive counterfeit detection*
  • attach importance to easy cleaning


  • Piece and value counter 
  • Ideal for high counting volumes
  • Currencies: EUR | GBP | USD | CHF | PLN
  • Counterfeit detection: UV | IR | MG | MT | SD | CIS
  • Large feeder for high banknote stacks
  • High quality TFT colour display with touch screen
  • Display of total amount and quantities per type of note
  • Batch function (stop counting according to specified number of notes) 
  • Print function for a clear printout of the counting results
  • Serial numbers are recognised and can be printed if required
  • Comfortable cleaning and easy removal of stuck and jammed banknotes thanks to the easy to open transport unit.

* This product has been successfully tested: http://www.ecb.europa.eu/euro/cashprof/cashhand/devices/html/results.en.html


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