Kenwood Gürtel Clip KBH-20M

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  • Kenwood clip for cable KBH-20M
  • Can be combined with Kenwood handheld radio PKT-23E
  • Note: A Kenwood KBH-20M belt clip is included as standard with the Kenwood PKT-23E handheld radio

By using the belt clip KBH-20M you ensure more freedom of movement! With the help of the clip you can attach the Kenwood PKT-23E handheld radio to your belt, ready to hand. The Kenwood Clip for Cable KBH-20M offers you unlimited comfort.

Note: A Kenwood belt clip KBH-20M is already included in the standard delivery of the Kenwood PKT-23E handheld radio. You can purchase additional belt clips or replacement belt clips here.